Data Needed

How do you help me find difficult to obtain products and where does the data come from?
We collect price lists from pharmacists and dispensing doctors across the UK.
This tells us which manufacturers and wholesalers are making the greatest efforts to sell a
product, and therefore which ones are most likely to have stock. We also limit the time frame to the last 35 days so as to ensure we are dealing with current stocks rather than something which happened months ago.
The data stays on this website for a rolling 35 days, so when a price is 36 days old it is removed from the site. The products seen on the search page are broadly categorised as medical, this means that as well as parallel imported, branded and generic pharmaceutical prices, information can be found on many other types of product used by pharmacies.
About 15,000 products are included in the service to maximise the chances of your finding a source for that difficult to find product.